Broccoli and leek soup


Broccoli and leek soup. Very creamy. Very cheesy!

•1 leek
•1 broccoli
•1-2 garlic cloves
•70g green lentils
•1tbsp oil
•750ml vegetable broth
•50ml plant cream (rice or soy) or coconut milk
•2 tbsp nutrition yeasts
•salt, pepper, chili

Wash and prepare the vegetables. Slice the garlic cloves and leek. Separate broccoli to small pieces.
Heat up oil in the pan, add garlic and fry a while. Add leek and fry few more minutes until it softens. Add the broccoli, washed lentils and pour warm broth. Season with salt and pepper and chili (if you like).
Cook for around 15 min until the lentils are soft. Add the cream and yeast and bring to boil. Blend your soup and season with more spices if needed.

I served my soup with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


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