Chocolate pancakes with strawberry mousse

Chocolate yeasts cookie style pancakes with strawberry chia mousse.


  • 50 g buckwheat flour
  • 30 g chickpeas flour
  • 20 g salted caramel chocolate protein powder
  • 200 ml soy milk
  • 10 g yeasts
  • 1 tsp brown sugar


Mix yeasts with sugar and slightly warm milk. Cover with kitchen napkin and set aside to activate the yeasts.
In separate bowl combine all dry ingredients.
After 10 minutes you will see the yeast mixture has grown. Pour it into bowl with dry ingredients and gently stir to combine the ingredients.
Cover with napkin and keep in warm place for 45 min. The dough will raise.
After the time fry on the pan taking one tablespoon of dough per pancake.

I made the mousse by combining coconut yogurt, chia seeds and strawberry powder from Smooth Shake which is made from freeze dried fruits. These powders come super handy when you lack of time to prepare a smoothie or don’t have any fruits to throw to your oatmeal.


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