Mini banoffee pies

Are you also the type of person who really likes to eat but want to stay fit at the same time? But who said that yummy food, sweets especially have to be unhealthy? I always try to cook from whole products, not processed ingredients, do not use sugar and white flour and search for healthier alternatives.
I think this dessert can prove it. The caramel is made from dates and tamarind, not from sugar. The crust is made from oats, not flour. I also used vegan mascarpone made from coconut oil.
If you are convinced already, let’s make those pies!

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Homemade caramel

I wasn’t planning on making caramel. This is a great recipe beginning!
I was grocerry shopping online and accidentaly added tamarind. I already have tamaring paste which I use for cooking and I don’t really need more. So i was thinking what else I could do with it. And since fresh tamarind has this sweet and saury taste I thought this can turn into a great caramel paste!

It’s thick, sweet, saury and salty. There are only 2 main ingredients and there is no additional sugar added! This is a kind of caramel you can eat without feeling guilty!

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